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Compulsive Shopping & Auction Addiction Counselling

Are You A Compulsive Shopper? Do You Suffer From An Auction Addiction?

Many people enjoy shopping and view it as a fun activity that gives us enjoyment and a bit of a rush when we find that perfect item we’ve been looking for.

For some, however, those feelings and attractions are amplified – and shopping becomes far more than a mere hobby or activity. It becomes a compulsion.

Whether it is compulsive shopping in a mall, or spending too much time and money engaged in the hunt in online auctions, the addiction of over-the-top buying can result in significant damage to a person financially and emotionally.

Learn more about the dangers of compulsive shopping and auction addiction. Find out how you can treat these conditions with counselling in Toronto and psychotherapy services with Cristina by your side.

What are Compulsive Shopping and Auction Addiction?

Compulsive shopping is when a person has little to no control over spending money on clothing, food, jewelry, odds-and-ends, and virtually any other type of item – even if they don’t need it. The impulse to spend, spend, spend is overpowering. In other words, these people feel compelled to spend and get the same rush and “high” that many other types of addicts receive.

Auction addiction is similar. Instead of taking place at shopping centres and retail outlets, however, auction addiction plays out online – in dozens of online auction websites that allow users to find, track, and bid on virtually any type of item out there.

An estimated six percent of the population fall victim to these two conditions, and men are just as prone to both conditions as women.

Learn more about the consequences of these problems and how counselling in Toronto and psychotherapy services may be necessary.

Consequences of Compulsive Shopping and Auction AddictionCompulsive-Shopping-Counselling

Compulsive shopping and auction addiction come with serious consequences if left untreated.

Both conditions can result in serious financial difficulties as spending spirals out of control. Sufferers frequently lose track of the amount of money being spent, and have even resorted to theft as a way to fund the addiction. For some, bankruptcy is the inevitable result as credit card bills mount and other bills go unpaid.

For auction addiction, sleep disturbances and losing track of time are frequent consequences. And those who suffer from either condition – or both – often report frayed and strained relationships that result from unchecked activities.

Counselling in Toronto, complete with dedicated psychotherapy services, are recommended to cope with and overcome the symptoms that can wreak havoc and ruin lives.

Symptoms and Treatments

If you feel like you have no control over spending, spend an extreme amount of time shopping or watching online auctions, constantly have to check your computer or phone for updates on items on your watchlist, have mounting financial difficulties as a result of your spending, can’t resist buying “just one more item”, frequently purchase things you do not need, or have been cautioned about any of these from your friends and family, you may be at risk.

Contact Cristina today to learn more about how counselling in Toronto and psychotherapy services can help you take back control and restrain your spending habits – for good.

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