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Compulsive Shopping & Auction Addiction Symptoms and Treatment

symptoms of compulsive shopping


Having An Uncontrollable Urge To Spend??

For many, the need or urge to spend money – whether it is in a store or online in an auction – is overpowering. Spending money and following auctions provides a thrill, a rush of adrenaline, and a burning desire to do it again as soon as possible, no matter what the consequences may be.

Symptoms of compulsive shopping and symptoms of auction addiction all abound. Those who suffer from these conditions may not even realize it – and their friends and families may not realize it, either, even if they suspect something is wrong.

If you are in this position, it is critical that you learn more about symptoms of compulsive shopping and symptoms of auction addiction as soon as you can.

Psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling in Toronto with Cristina is available – but education and recognition is the first step toward help and recovery.

Warning Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms of compulsive shopping can range from emotional signs to financial indicators and relationship-based red flags.

These include:

  • Feeling happiest when shopping
  • Unpaid bills or other neglected responsibilities
  • Maxing out credit cards routinely
  • Feeling depressed, anxious, or agitated when not shopping
  • Buying things you don’t need
  • Unopened shopping bags, boxes, or other items
  • Concealing or hiding shopping habits or purchases
  • Financial difficulties
  • Frequent buyer’s remorse

Symptoms of auction addiction mirror the above, and also include:

  • Frequently checking your phone or computer for auction updates
  • Constantly thinking about bidding or searching for items
  • Getting less sleep at night due to staying up late for auctions
  • Losing track of time
  • Becoming withdrawn or isolated

As with many who participate in counselling in Toronto and psychotherapeutic treatment from Cristina for these conditions, being warned of these symptoms by friends and family is a major indicator that something is wrong.

If you have symptoms of compulsive shopping, or symptoms of auction addiction, seek treatment – turn to Cristina for guidance that can turn your life around.

Treatments   compulsive shopping treatment

Treating the symptoms of compulsive shopping, or symptoms of auction addiction, is of paramount importance.

Counselling in Toronto is often essential because like with most addictions, these conditions stem from unresolved problems or disorders that need to be addressed and handled with a trusted counsellor. Depression, anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, bipolar disorder, extreme stress, and other situations can drive this destructive behaviour.

There are also psychotherapeutic treatments that can help alter your thinking, which can in turn lead to more positive and constructive behaviours. Psychotherapeutic treatment can also help deal with rationalization that often shields you from realizing the impact and consequences of what you do.

There may also be traumatic events that cause you to turn to compulsive shopping or online auction for comfort. Cristina can craft a tailored plan of action to deal with these memories and restore a healthy, positive outlook for you that doesn’t include your compulsions.

Talk to Cristina today for counselling in Toronto and other help. Take charge – and make a positive difference now.

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