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Cybersex Addiction & Online Affairs Symptoms and Treatment

Are you addicted to cybersex or are participating in an online affair? What if you’re not sure – or may be but aren’t aware of it?

Cybersex Addiction symptoms and symptoms of online affairs can be hard to spot without the right education. Learning to identify them and recognize the fact that a problem exists is the first step toward finding a positive, transformational solution to conditions that damage and destroy people and relationships.

Learn more about these symptoms, and find out what you can do to pursue solutions through psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling in Toronto with Cristina.

Warning Signs & Symptoms

cybersex addiction symptomsSince both conditions essentially involve a lot of the same underlying problems and characteristics, Cybersex Addiction symptoms and symptoms of online affairs share many of the same traits. These warning signs and symptoms include:

  • Secrecy; hiding or covering up online behavior
  • Lack of interest in intimacy or physical/emotional connections
  • Excessive amount of time spent online
  • Emotional/physical distance
  • Less time spent at home (the sufferer may be going online elsewhere for more privacy)
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Abrupt changes in expectations of privacy/demands for more privacy
  • Significant personality changes
  • Neglecting chores or other responsibilities

It can be hard to tell if something is wrong in a relationship that involves infidelity. This is especially true for online affairs, which do not typically involve hiding hotel receipts, dinner bills, and traces of perfume or cologne. As a result, one of the biggest indicators of either condition is a significant and noticeable change in a relationship without any clear, rational explanation or purpose.

There may also be other Cybersex Addiction symptoms and symptoms of online affairs that point to a deeper problem or condition that helps to explain the behaviours. A change in personality, difficulty with maintaining healthy emotional relationships, and increased negative thinking or poor self-esteem could be clues.


Through counselling in Toronto and psychotherapeutic treatments, Cristina focuses on solving these complicated situations with a two-prong approach by treating the addiction and also the reason for the addiction.

Counselling in Toronto can help explore and potentially resolve deep-rooted emotional, psychological or relationship-based problems or disorders that can contribute to online infidelity. There is often something that motivates or drives a person to cybersex and online affairs. Discovering the root is often a key part of counselling in Toronto with Cristina.

Cristina also uses psychotherapeutic treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to create positive change within you. You can learn how to control and alter negative thinking; dispense with rationalizations and excuses; and clearly see the link between what you think and how you behave.

Cybersex Addiction symptoms and symptoms of online affairs can wreak havoc on a relationship and on you emotionally, mentally and physically. Learn how counselling in Toronto and psychotherapeutic treatments can help.

Don’t let these destructive activities go on another day. Talk to Cristina and give yourself and your loved ones the solution you all need.

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My office is in Toronto [The Beach Village] and I also offer distance counselling to those who are geographically distant from my office.

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