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Expats & Multicultural Counselling

Transitioning from one culture to another – often thousands of miles from home – can be difficult. Life as an expatriate can be stressful, depressing, and lonely. One can feel overwhelmed by various multicultural issues that come from living in a diverse environment that is often very different from home.

expat-issues-multicultural-issuesAs someone who has moved from the country of her birth to a new land, Cristina intimately understands expat issues and multicultural issues that many here in Canada face. She offers counselling in Toronto and psychotherapy services that can help bridge the gap between discomfort and comfort in a new home.

Learn more about expat issues and multicultural issues and how they can be addressed via psychotherapy services and counselling in Toronto.

What is an Expatriate? What are the major issues when expats arrive?

An expatriate is a person who resides in a country other than the country of his or her birth and upbringing.

Having to suddenly adjust to a different culture with different laws, rules, expectations, and norms can be very stressful. There is often the very real challenge of a language barrier to handle. Additionally, an expat may not know anyone else in the entire country, much less where they live.

Environments such as these often feel overwhelming and give rise to a host of expat issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Legal difficulties
  • Feeling lost or “stuck”
  • Feeling less confident

Expat issues can have serious ramifications.  Job performance and personal relationships can be negatively impacted. You could also suffer damage to your self-esteem, as you find navigating the environment more difficult than you expected.

Every expatriate goes through some of these issues to some degree. If yours, however, are inhibiting your enjoyment and productivity, counselling in Toronto can help.

 Multicultural Issues in Counselling

Multiculturalism describes how one area – a neighbourhood, a city, a province, or a country – has multiple cultures living within it, each with its own distinct identity. It is a term that celebrates diversity not just on a racial level, but on a cultural level.

For Canadians are proud of their multicultural heritage, there is also a challenge posed by multiculturalism to those new Canadians who come from other backgrounds, cultures and environments.

Multicultural research has explored what takes place to individuals and families who were born and raised in one cultural context when they attempt to re-settle in another one and the long-term psychological consequences of this process of acculturation, which depends on the social and personal variables of the society of origin as wel as the host country.

The complications that come from living in this environment imply that  multicultural issues need to be taken into consideration in counselling.  Thus, cultural competence is crucial in counselling and a therapist needs to understand how individuals and their values, norms and traditions affect the way they perceive, assess, interact, conduct themselves and make judgement about the world.

You can review the reasons for offering multicultural counselling to expats, newcomers and foreign born individual is this page by clicking here

Counselling Services

While counselling in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Cristina has developed an approach that helps clients deal with the unique challenges of living in a different world.

She offers culturally competent and sensitive counselling in Toronto that focuses on understanding a client’s personal worldview as well as cultural traditions.

Her counselling and psychotherapy services help multiethnic, multicultural individuals, couples, and families experiencing life transitions, such as relocating to a new country.

If you are interested in psychotherapy services and other treatments for expat issues or multicultural issues, contact Cristina – and create a path forward.

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In my private practice, I offer individual counselling to young adults, adults and elderly people. I also provide therapy to couples and families. I welcome the diversity that clients may bring; thus, every ethnic background, religious beliefs, family composition and sexual orientation is respected.

I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness which integrates the various dimensions of a human being – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social.

My office is in Toronto [The Beach Village] and I also offer distance counselling to those who are geographically distant from my office.

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