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Internet-Addiction-CounsellingSince the advent of the Internet, the world has been presented with the most expansive and far-reaching source of information in history. The Internet has become even more available – and engrossing – with the spread of smartphone and tablet technology that allows constant access from virtually anywhere.

This fountain of information can become a powerful source of addiction that drives people to become withdrawn and isolated, less productive, and less mentally – and physically – healthy than before.

What, exactly, is Internet Addiction? Learn more about this disorder and see how psychotherapy services and counselling in Toronto from Cristina can help.

What is Internet Addiction? Who is affected?

Internet Addiction became prevalent with the rapid rise of the Internet stemming from the mid-to-late 1990’s. Since then, countless individuals have become affected.

When usage of the Internet significantly impacts and impairs one’s personal and professional life – when the desire to use the Internet becomes controlling and disruptive – the problem may be Internet Addiction.

A misconception is that Internet Addiction mostly affects young men. The reality is that anyone who uses the Internet can become addicted to it – from young to old, male or female, the list is diverse.

What is Compulsive Surfing?

Internet-Addiction-CounsellingOne aspect of Internet Addiction is compulsive surfing.  Compulsive surfing is the constant, overwhelming urge to be online – to spend countless hours on a regular basis reading articles, looking at pictures, or engaging in what are harmless behaviours in and of themselves but become disruptive when they become all-consuming.

If you believe you may suffer from compulsive surfing and have been told you spend far too much time online by trusted friends and family, psychotherapy services and counselling in Toronto from Cristina may be needed to turn your life around. Contact her today to find out more.

Consequences at work

One of the most disruptive impacts of this addiction is lost productivity. It is common to hear of individuals who have gotten disciplined or fired from a job because they spent too much time at work on the Internet for non-business purposes – which resulted in a severe drop in their quality and quantity of work.

You may be in danger of losing your job if you suffer from Internet Addiction. Let psychotherapy services and counselling in Toronto help; talk to Cristina today.

Symptoms and Treatment

Broadly, Internet Addiction is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • An overwhelming desire to “be online”
  • Loss of productivity
  • Difficulties at work or school stemming from being online too often
  • Feelings of isolation, irritation, or agitation while not being online
  • Preferring to interact with others online to others in person
  • Sleep and appetite disturbances from frequent Internet usage
  • An increase in impulsive online behaviours, such as “cybersexing”, online affairs, online gambling, video gaming, and others
  • Deterioration of or increased conflict in personal relationships
  • Getting online to alleviate moods, depressive symptoms, or feelings of worthlessness or low energy

A variety of psychotherapy services and counselling in Toronto can help. To learn more – and to take control talk with Cristina and create an action plan for a more-productive and enjoyable life.

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My office is in Toronto [The Beach Village] and I also offer distance counselling to those who are geographically distant from my office.

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