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Internet Addiction Symptoms and Treatment

What does it mean to be addicted to the Internet? How can you tell if you have Internet Addiction symptoms? And could counselling in Toronto help you?

Internet Addiction is becoming more and more prevalent with the expansion of technology. Since it is such a new phenomenon, identifying it in your own life can be difficult.

Learn more about Internet Addiction symptoms and find out how psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling in Toronto can give you the ability to rise above and create meaningful changes – for the better.

Internet Addiction Symptoms

internet addiction symptomsAs with any mental health condition, symptoms of Internet Addiction can vary from person to person. Different people are impacted in different ways. For example, constant Internet usage could pose serious problems with personal relationships for some, while others could experience difficulties at work – and even face discipline or get fired as a result.

There are common symptoms of being addicted to the Internet. Many of these replicate symptoms of substance addiction. These include:

  • Excessive Internet usage, including negligence of basic needs and a loss of the amount of time that has passed
  • Becoming withdrawn and isolated
  • Deteriorated personal relationships
  • Lethargy and apathy when not online
  • Becoming agitated or angry or depressed when the Internet is not available
  • Irregular sleep patterns and a loss of appetite
  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of drive or motivation for anything not associated with the Internet
  • Using the Internet when feeling depressed, hopeless, worthless, etc.

One particular symptom to watch for is tolerance. Tolerance is when the same amount of interaction with the Internet isn’t enough to satisfy you. The more you go online, the more you feel you need to get online to get the same amount of satisfaction.

If these Internet Addiction symptoms sound familiar, they may be evidence of a problem in your life with the Internet. Don’t let this condition take over and consume – get the psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling in Toronto you need to make a difference.

Psychotherapeutic Treatment

As with other addictions, there are often other, underlying problems and conditions at work that fuel the need to be online compulsively. Counselling in Toronto from Cristina can be helpful to address some of the underlying problems behind your addiction and your need for the Internet as a perceived “solution”.

One effective psychotherapeutic treatment for Internet Addiction is cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT.

CBT seeks to change the relationship between what you think and how you behave. By changing your thought patterns, managing negative thoughts and learning to think positively and constructively, you can influence your maladaptive behaviours – which means changing the destructive way you interact with the Internet.

This action-oriented approach can be a powerful way to examine the link between how you think and feel and how you ultimately behave. Learn more about CBT as a psychotherapeutic treatment. Talk to Cristina to have a  counselling session in Toronto to break the spell of our internet addiction and restore balance and health to your life.

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My office is in Toronto [The Beach Village] and I also offer distance counselling to those who are geographically distant from my office.

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