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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Are you suffering from negative thinking, damaging thought processes, recurring patterns of emotions and feelings that seem beyond your control, or a generally pessimistic attitude?

If so, one particular psychotherapeutic treatment – mindfulness based cognitive therapy, or MBCT  – may be useful for you.

Learn more about MBCT and consult with Cristina to see if this option could be an effective psychotherapeutic treatment for your condition.

MBCTWhat is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)?

Mindfulness is best described as being actively in the present. You focus on the here and now, observing thoughts and feelings as they arise and maintaining control of them by keeping your attention in the moment.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy helps you do a better job of altering your thinking patterns. Your thought processes can cause stress, increase anxiety, intensify depression, and harm your self-esteem if not corrected. With MBCT, you and your psychotherapist can work together to remain focused and calm in the face of your conditions – finding positivity along the way.

When does MBCT help? Who does MBCT help?

As a psychotherapeutic treatment, mindfulness based cognitive therapy can help virtually anyone dealing with a wide variety of mental health conditions.

It is particularly effective with people who suffer from depression. People in that situation can relapse, or fall back into, depressive thoughts and feelings – and with each relapse, less and less is required to trigger an episode.

This treatment option can help reduce these relapses and help people who are vulnerable to the negative thinking, negative moods, and overall negative outlook that comes with depression.

mindfulness based cognitive therapy MBCTHow does it work? How effective is MBCT?

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy works by helping you decouple what you think from what happens when you experience negative thoughts.

Frequently, negative thought patterns brought on by depression only fuel even more negative thinking. You may feel badly about yourself for feeling badly. You may develop negative thoughts about yourself for just having negative thoughts, thinking things like, “I am weak,” “I am a failure,” and other destructive ideas.

By remaining in the now, and learning how to objectively view who you are and what is going on inside you from a distance with a sense of calm and detachment, you can take charge of what you feel and how you feel it.

Studies have shown how MBCT can promote positive change in individuals who suffer from depression and other conditions. Talk to Cristina to see if MBCT might be an option for you.

What can I expect in a MBCT treatment?

As with other psychotherapeutic treatments, the goal is for you and your therapist to create objectives, develop pathways to achieving them, and teach tools and techniques that can provide lasting methods for maintaining positive change.

During a MBCT treatment, you will be shown how to embrace the idea of mindfulness – how to focus, engage yourself in the present, and distance yourself from discomforting thoughts and the negative feelings they bring.

For more information, schedule a consultation with Cristina and talk more about possible psychotherapeutic treatments that could work for you – and help you gain control of your life.

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In my private practice, I offer individual counselling to young adults, adults and elderly people. I also provide therapy to couples and families. I welcome the diversity that clients may bring; thus, every ethnic background, religious beliefs, family composition and sexual orientation is respected.

I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness which integrates the various dimensions of a human being – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social.

My office is in Toronto [The Beach Village] and I also offer distance counselling to those who are geographically distant from my office.

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