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Online Gambling Addiction Symptoms and Treatment

Online Gambling Addiction can be a devastating condition that impacts sufferers and their families mentally, physically, and financially.

symptoms of online gambling addictionUnder this condition, you may never intend to do some of the things you have done – such as spend countless hours gambling, isolate yourself from your family, or lose large amounts of money and dig yourself deeper into a financial hole – but that is the nature of the problem. Without treatment, this is a problem that will only continue and worsen.

Learning to notice symptoms of Online Gambling Addiction is a must in order to pursue psychotherapeutic treatment and counselling in Toronto that can help. Find out more about symptoms of Online Gambling Addiction and the various psychotherapeutic treatment and options for counselling in Toronto to help you break free.

Warning Signs & Symptoms

What do symptoms of Online Gambling Addiction look like? How can you notice this condition in yourself or others around you?

Symptoms tend to fall into a few categories:


  • Becoming isolated and withdrawn
  • Spending less time with friends and family
  • Difficulty connecting with loved ones
  • Losing track of time while gambling
  • Warnings and concern from friends and family
  • Lying about and concealing gambling activity


  • Frequently thinking about gambling when not gambling (preoccupation)
  • Anxiety, agitation, or depression when not gambling
  • Feeling like nothing else can compare to the “rush” you get while gambling
  • Constant or recurring worry, stress, or anxiety
  • Feeling out of control or unable to stop


  • Spending more money than you can afford
  • Selling or pawning items to fund your gambling efforts
  • Tapping into savings or other funds to pay for gambling
  • Neglecting bills and necessary expenditures
  • Restoring to stealing to pay for gambling

Additionally, there are often physical symptoms of Online Gambling Addiction – such as aches, pains, ulcers, sleep disturbances, and other symptoms brought about by stress and worry.

Ask yourself: Do I fit some or most of the symptoms of Online Gambling Addiction described above? Have my loved ones voiced similar concerns to me about my habit?

If so, you may have a problem.


There is a way out. Counselling in Toronto with Cristina can help you create a plan of action that focuses on the underlying motives, thoughts, conditions and behaviours that drive your gambling addiction. These could involve one of several psychotherapeutic treatments that involve you and your counsellor actively working together to find a solution.

One of these psychotherapeutic treatments that could help is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT is built on the relationship between what you think or feel and how you behave.

Through counselling in Toronto using this technique, Cristina can help you change your current thought patterns and emotional responses to positive ones that help you alter your behaviours based on calm, realistic, and logical perceptions.

Learn more about CBT and other psychotherapeutic treatments, and take the first step to stopping your addiction cold. Contact Cristina for counselling in Toronto that can help – and put you on the right path to success.

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