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Online Gaming Addiction Counselling

Since the 1970’s, online gaming has been a prime source of entertainment for millions across the globe. Today, online video games are more engrossing and consuming than ever before.

One aspect of Internet Addiction that has emerged is Online Gaming Addiction – the overwhelming, compelling urge to play video games online and spend an excessive, unhealthy amount of time doing so.

Learn more about Online Gaming Addiction. Explore how counselling in Toronto and psychotherapy services from Cristina can prove to be the key to unlocking the solution to this potentially-severe condition.

What is Online Gaming Addiction?

Online-Gaming-Addiction-counsellingOver half a billion people across the globe play video games for at least one hour per day. Playing online games – ranging from casual, simple card games with others to more-complicated online games that require a significant investment of time – in and of itself is not harmful or dangerous.

It’s when the drive or urge to play online games takes over and becomes the dominant focus of someone’s life – to the point where he or she experiences severe consequences – that online gaming becomes an addiction similar in nature to substance addiction.

Consequences of Online Gaming Addiction

If you or someone you know has had problems with obsessively playing online games, you might have noticed that consequences tend to fall into two categories: social and physical.


One major social consequence of Online Gaming Addiction is becoming withdrawn and isolated. Your personal relationships begin to deteriorate.

You spend less time with your friends and family and become irritated and angry when they attempt to involve you in non-online activities. You spend time at work thinking about (and even playing) your games to the point where your job gets put in jeopardy.  You may not develop proper social skills that will hurt your ability to connect with others later in life.

Counselling in Toronto can help break the addictive cycle and avoid some of these harmful social consequences. Contact Cristina today to learn more about psychotherapy services that can help.


You might have noticed a few disturbing items in the news over the years – news about gamers who suffer severe medical conditions from obsessively playing online games. Some have even died – a stark reminder that Online Gaming Addiction can have the ultimate consequence.

Do not take the chance of harming your health with this condition; contact Cristina for psychotherapy services and counselling in Toronto before it is too late.

Symptoms and Treatments

Symptoms of Online Gaming Addiction include:

  • Becoming withdrawn and isolated as a result of playing video games
  • Spending most of their free time playing games online
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Neglected personal relationships
  • Anger, irritation, or depression when not playing online
  • Physical symptoms (aches, pains, dry eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome) after long sessions
  • Neglected responsibilities, including personal hygiene
  • Lying about video game use

Treatment exists for this condition and can help. Cristina can offer psychotherapy services that can address some of the underlying problems behind this addiction and give you powerful ways to create positive change in your life.

Find a way out. Turn to Cristina for counselling in Toronto and psychotherapy services that can break the chains – today.

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